South Kentucky RECC Power Supplier Seeks Approval of Kentucky PSC for Solar Project

60-Acre Installation Would Include 32,000 Solar Panels and Provide a New Renewable Power Option

South Kentucky RECC is pleased to announce that its wholesale power provider, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, has filed a request with the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) to construct an 8.5-megawatt solar project in Clark County, Ky.

If approved, the cooperative solar installation will be located next to EKPC's headquarters facilities, adjacent to Interstate 64 and U.S. 60, about two miles east of Fayette County. With more than 32,000 photovoltaic panels covering 60 acres of land, the installation would be one of Kentucky's largest solar farms.

"We are excited about this project because if it is approved it will give South Kentucky RECC's members an excellent and innovative option for renewable power that is competitive with rooftop solar," said Allen Anderson, SKRECC CEO. "And it once again demonstrates our strong commitment to the environment."

The $17.7 million project is proposed as a cooperative solar arrangement, whereby members of SKRECC and other participating electric distribution cooperatives can purchase a license for a portion of the solar project's generating capacity. They would then receive credits on their monthly electric bill for the value of the energy from their proportional licensed share. Licenses will be valid for 25 years.

The cooperative solar arrangement, if approved by the PSC, will include a license fee of $460 per panel. Any member of South Kentucky RECC that chooses to participate will effectively pay the initial capital cost of the project, just as if their proportionate share of the solar panels had been installed on their residence or business.

The cooperative solar arrangement also provides an opportunity to participate in renewable generation for co-op members whose premises are not conducive to solar panels, such as apartments or heavily shaded areas. Participants also will benefit from the project's economies of scale.

In 2013, a collaborative group of stakeholders focusing on renewable and demand-side management issues recommended EKPC establish a solar project with participation of retail members.

Artist rendering of solar project.