SKRECC Members Can Participate in Solar Farm

The sun is rising on a bright new opportunity for solar power from South Kentucky RECC.

Construction is complete on Cooperative Solar Farm One, a 60-acre solar farm located near Winchester, Ky., that is owned by South Kentucky RECC along with other Kentucky Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

The not-for-profit solar farm began commercial operation earlier this year.

“Many SKRECC members want options for renewable energy, and that’s exactly what Cooperative Solar provides,” said Alan Coffey, SKRECC Member Services and Marketing Manager.

Featuring 32,300 solar panels, Cooperative Solar Farm One is unique in the way cooperative members can actively participate and receive the benefits.

For a one-time payment of $460 per panel, cooperative members can license solar panels. Then, for the next 25 years, they will receive credit on their monthly power bill for the energy produced by their licensed panels.

“Your electric co-op operates and maintains the solar panels, and participating co-op members get all the benefits with none of the hassles of rooftop solar,” said Coffey.

He also noted many businesses are interested in renewable power in order to meet sustainability goals, and Cooperative Solar will provide an option to do so.

To learn more about Cooperative Solar and the solar farm, or to sign up to participate, please visit