South Kentucky RECC Introduces New Appliance Programs

South Kentucky RECC is offering two new programs to help put more dollars in members’ pockets.

SKRECC recently received approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to offer a $50 incentive to recycle old, energy-inefficient refrigerators and freezers. The refrigerators and freezers must still be in working condition; plugged in and running at the scheduled pick-up time; between 7.75 and 30 cubic feet; and empty and defrosted, with water lines disconnected at scheduled pick-up time.

If you are interested in the SKRECC Appliance Recycling Program and having your old refrigerator or freezer picked up, have your South Kentucky RECC account number ready and call 1-844-HAUL4ME (844-428-5463) to schedule a pick up.

The second program that recently received PSC approval is an ENERGY STAR Appliance Program, in which South Kentucky RECC members can receive incentives for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR–certified appliances.

The amount of the rebates vary. They are:
  • Refrigerator - $100
  • Freezer - $50
  • Dishwasher - $50
  • Clothes Washer - $75
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $300
  • Heat Pump Upgrade - $300 (must be a minimum of 14.5 SEER)
  • Air Conditioning (Central) - $300
The link to enter the information for your ENERGY STAR appliance rebate on the home page of our Web site. Click the link on the right of the page.

For more information on the rebates, call your local office to speak to an energy advisor.