South Kentucky RECC Director Election

South Kentucky RECC members will be voting this month for the election of directors for the co-op's board.

There are two districts that are open for election - District 1 (western Pulaski County and a very small portion of northern Wayne County); and District 5 (Clinton County, southern Wayne County, a small portion of Russell County, and into Pickett County, Tennessee). The District 1 board seat, however, is uncontested, so incumbent director Cathy Crew Epperson will retain that seat for another four-year term.

In district 5, incumbent director Greg Beard faces opposition from Tommy Nelson, Jr.

Ballots will be mailed to the membership on April 3. Each membership in the South Kentucky RECC system should receive a ballot. It will come in an envelope that is marked "official ballot enclosed." If you do not receive one, please call (800) 264-5112 and ask to speak to Joy Bullock, so one can be mailed to you.

Brief candidate profiles, photographs, and voting instructions will be in the April issue of Discovering Southern Kentucky magazine, which is part of Kentucky Living Magazine. Full biographies are available here. We would encourage our members to view these to help with making your choices.

Each membership is allowed one vote for one person per district.

Ballots must be received by May 1 to be counted. Any received after that date will not be valid.

As with the last election, members can choose to vote electronically online. Information on this will be at the top of the paper ballot members receive, as well as in the April issue of Discovering Southern Kentucky magazine .

For questions regarding the election, please contact South Kentucky RECC at 800-264-5112.