CheckOut The Latest Convenient Way to Pay Your Electric Bill

What is CheckOut?

CheckOut is a fast and convenient way for South Kentucky RECC members to pay their electric bill while checking out at participating retailers.

These include:
Dollar General
Family Dollar
CVS Pharmacy
7 Eleven

How does CheckOut Work?

South Kentucky RECC members will go to a website,, and obtain a barcode associated with their electric account.

Members take their bar code to a participating store, either printed or on a cell phone.

Cashiers will scan that bar code. They will not know the balance on the electric account. The member will let the cashier know how much of a payment they wish to make.

The payment must be a cash transaction.

There will be a $1.50 fee paid by the member making the payment.

During these trying times, its just another way SKRECC is trying help our members. If you have any questions about CheckOut, please call (800) 264-5112 for assistance.